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Flash Website Design

Why Flash?

With the right use Flash can be a very effective tool. However, some people use Flash without proper knowledge creating chip effects that ruin overall design concept of the website.

Our Sacramento flash design company implements flash technology only when it absolutely necessary to empower the idea, enhance browsing experience and communication process among the users and you. We don't use Flash just for the sparkly effects alone. Our main goal is to identify your target audience and properly deliver the interesting content in an easy to comprehend way.

Flash Content Within HTML

At Artisan Productions, we believe that a website is the most effective when it's created mostly of HTML with a little bit of Flash here and there. If you want to emphasize certain section of the page, for example - Our Specials, then an animated banner will be very appropriate. The key is not to make this banner annoying and distracting to the viewers.

Flash vs. Search Engines

The downside of Flash is that search engines CAN NOT collect text information and properly index Flash content. If you want your business to be on the top of the game, to be on top of the search engines be easy for viewers to find, then Flash content with HTML should be your choice.

When it comes to style, flash has the words and the groove to say it all. We help you present and express the essence of your organization with sleek animations and graphics. We offer low cost flash Website design, flash intros and presentations.

Full Flash Website Design

If the main purpose of your site is impress the viewers with unique experience, a flash-animated website should be your first choice. Some sites can get away with having full flash websites because they don't intend to provide information or sell products. Their main purpose is to impress the viewers. Photographer and artist portfolios, music band sites or fashion websites are just a few examples to name.

Our Flash website design firm specializes in creation of unique browsing experiences, utilizing top notch technologies. We can create a website that will be addictive, that your viewers will always return for more. There are plenty of the websites that became super popular because of user referral and advertising.

See our work

Flash website intro for fashion butique

Flash Intro for TV Chanel

Flash design for TV Show

Flash Website Animation for Webdesign Company

Flash Template Customization

Flash banners and intros

Make an impact in less than ten seconds with a powerful website introduction. We'll make sure you don't suffer from the terrible 'splash' page design syndrome and ensure that any Flash used on your website allows search engines and visitors to move around without any problems.

Flash Demos

One of the areas where flash is extremely useful is in product demonstrations and user education. Let's face it, nobody reads. If we are given the choice between watching a demonstration and reading a couple of pages of text, we will all go for the demonstration, at least at first. A clear, concise product demot presented by Flash animation can make a crucial difference for a potential customer.
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